Google Result Positioning Matters... A Lot

Chitika has released some inter­esting research related to the the value of a first posi­tion listing on Google. According to the data, it's worth a lot — double the traffic of the second spot.

Chitika exam­ined traffic coming into its adver­tising net­work from Google and broke it down by Google results place­ment. The first posi­tion drove 34.35% […]

E-Commerce Effectiveness Study

A very infor­ma­tional 15-page excerpt from a whitepaper report on the effec­tive­ness of pro­mo­tional efforts and adver­tising methods on con­ver­sion rates and total sales.  A must for anyone in e-commerce or working with online retailers.

See the Full […]

Buying Website vs Building Links

Buying LinksHow much time did you spend over the past year building links to your web­site? If you are serious about SEO, then chances are high that it was quite a few hours.

For some, link building is the sole focus of their busi­ness life.  But is there a better way? Instead of spending hours, could you spend dol­lars for the same effect?

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Marketing Report Reveals Digital Direction

The next trend in cor­po­rate mar­keting is going to be devel­oping stronger internal dig­ital mar­keting infra­struc­tures and relying less on tra­di­tional adver­tising and mar­keting agen­cies, according to the latest State of Marketing Report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. Continuing to build online aware­ness and gen­er­ating higher dig­ital demand were the top ini­tia­tives reported for 2010 […]

A Fresh Look at Google AdSense

Once upon a time people wrote arti­cles about high value key­words and tried to rank for them.

This occurred because Adsense dis­played ads that were based on the con­tent of a web­site. As a result of this there are many arti­cles about high paying key­words like “lay­wers” or “asbestos” and not so many arti­cles about lower paying subjects.

Chasing […]

Things NOT To Do With Your SEO Program

broken linksYour SEO pro­gram does truly require a patient person that under­stands not only the value, but under­stands that it is an effort that builds and grows over time.

If your com­pany is in an industry that is very com­pet­i­tive and already sat­u­rated you might have to wait a little while before you start to get noticed as an authority figure.

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Landing Pages - Battle in the Brain

Landing Pages ImageUnderstanding Roles, Personas and Cognitive Styles

There is con­fu­sion in the landing page opti­miza­tion com­mu­nity regarding per­sonas, cog­ni­tive styles and roles. Often these terms are used loosely or inter­change­ably, with unfor­tu­nate results.

I would like to set the record straight and cover the basics.


Roles cor­re­spond to spe­cific classes of vis­i­tors inter­acting with your site. They are defined by their rela­tion­ship to your web­site and call-to-action. The role break­down can be basic, or it might need to be slightly more nuanced depending on your circumstances.

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Web Font Solution (Beta)

Text imaging solu­tion provider MonoType Imaging Holdings launched the public beta of Fonts​.com Web Fonts.

A cloud-based ser­vice, the solu­tion down­loads fonts dynam­i­cally to Internet browsers, resulting in fonts that are dis­played on con­nected client machines. The ser­vice com­plies with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) spec­i­fi­ca­tions for deploying server-based fonts and sup­ports all major Internet browsers, […]

Online Video the Best Form of Advertising

Video is the fastest-growing online adver­tising format with esti­mates of about a 40-percent growth rate through 2010. And the mar­keters that have taken part in its growth are resound­ingly sat­is­fied, according to a recent study from video ad net­work BrightRoll.

More than 50 per­cent of the agency exec­u­tives who par­tic­i­pated in the study indi­cated that online video […]

What Is Online Reputation Management?

reputation management video imageOnline rep­u­ta­tion is more than mon­i­toring to see who men­tions your name. It’s really a com­bi­na­tion of three things:

  • Traditional mar­keting
  • Public rela­tions
  • Search engine optimization

Where these three online dis­ci­plines inter­sect has come to be called rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment. Let’s dis­sect what that means.

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