7 Things To Include In Your ABOUT Page

About Us GraphicThe ‘About Us’ page of your web­site is of prime impor­tance and are often ranked highly on many web­sites. However, not many realize its cru­cial impor­tance and just throw in some bland words about the his­tory and mechanics of the com­pany. As the web becomes an inte­gral part of inter­ac­tions with people, the About Us page on your web­site is an easy and effec­tive way to engage your audi­ences in a per­sonal and more friendly manner.

This is your chance to impress your prospects and sell your­self…
So make sure you make the best out of it!

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Five Steps to Becoming Bing-ready

yahoo-bing logosE-commerce mer­chants have waited more than a year to find out how the Microsoft-Yahoo! search alliance will affect their search mar­keting efforts and their busi­nesses overall. The answers are not all going to come right away but with the merger now upon us, the wait is essen­tially over.

Yahoo! is slated to start serving organic search results from the Microsoft Bing engine next month, and the company’s paid search ads will be migrating to Microsoft’s adCenter shortly thereafter.

The new part­ner­ship is expected to com­mand about 30 per­cent of the search market cur­rently dom­i­nated by Google, and data indi­cates that this per­centage of users will be sta­tis­ti­cally closer to pur­chase than Google’s much larger share. That’s more than enough reason for e-commerce mer­chants not to ignore this sig­nif­i­cant change in the search land­scape, and we have put together a list of five things to do to ensure that your busi­ness is ready for the start of this new era.

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Four Important Website Design Principles

website color choicesSuccess of a web­site depends on many impor­tant fac­tors. If one keeps the dos and don’ts of web­site designing in mind, the web­site will be a most vis­ited, handy and expe­dient amongst the users. The sales ratio of the com­pany selling its prod­ucts online mainly depends on its web­site. If the web­site is easy to use and under­stand then it leaves a very good impres­sion on the users leading to greater sales and pub­licity. Here are some impor­tant things to keep in mind while designing a webpage:

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Colortip — a jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Colortip allows you to use this simple jQuery plugin to con­trol the color schemes of your mouse-over tool-tips.

See the simple demon­stra­tion page in action, here:

Colortip — a jQuery Tooltip Plugin | […]

Build Natural Link Profile or Die Online

natural link buildingLink building is essen­tial to any web­site that wants to climb the search engine rank­ings and stay there. What a lot of people fail to under­stand is that this is not as simple as finding as many links as you can, no matter where from, and then adding them all in one go. If a web­site is to be con­sis­tently suc­cessful in the search engines, it has to pos­sess a nat­ural link profile.

What Is a Natural Link Profile?

A good link-building strategy should appear nat­ural, and not forced or manip­u­lated. Ideally, the search engines are looking for a steady col­lec­tion of rel­e­vant links from good quality sites, over a period of time. The links should be from a variety of sources.

A nat­ural link pro­file is one that does not ring any search engine alarm bells. There are many things a web owner can do, when cre­ating links, that will cause the links to look unnat­ural and sus­pi­cious. Unfortunately, there are many guides and unin­formed advices that will advise of cer­tain link-building methods that can alert a search engine that some­thing is afoot.

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Eight Brands That Will Disappear

disappearing brands8 Brands That Will Disappear And What We Can Learn From Them

June 29, 2010

The web­site, 24/7 Wall St., annu­ally pub­lishes a list of brands likely to dis­ap­pear in the next year. This year there are 10 on the list — some sur­prising, some not. As I look through this list I see a lot of lessons. Below are eight I believe hold lessons for us and what I think those lessons are.

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SEO Strategy Tips: Get it Right!

puzzlepiece shadow imageWhat does SEO mean to you or your business?

To some it means simply putting together a series of inbound links that look like a sci­ence project and to others it looks like an online mar­keting busi­ness building plan aimed to actu­ally brand and gen­erate rev­enue, I think I would take the second approach. The right SEO strategy is not com­pli­cated but rather obvious to anyone that is wearing their entre­pre­neur pants.

Here are some tips for putting together your ongoing SEO strategy:

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Chrome solidifying third place in browser wars

chrome logoWeb ana­lytics provider StatCounter is reporting that Google’s Chrome browser has over­taken Apple’s Safari in the US for the first time. Research is from the firm’s StatCounter Global Stats report for the week begin­ning June 21.

Chrome with 8.97% took third place in the US browser market ahead of Safari with 8.88%. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still dom­i­nates the US Internet browser market with 52%, fol­lowed by Firefox (28.5%).

This is quite a coup for Google as they have gone from zero to almost 10% of the US market in under two years,” com­mented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “There is a battle royal going on between Google and Apple in the internet browser space (Chrome v Safari) as well as in the mobile market (Android vs. iPhone).”

The data is based on an analysis of 3.6 bil­lion page views (874 mil­lion from the US) for the week 21 to 27 June 2010 col­lected from the StatCounter net­work of over three mil­lion websites.

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SEO Sweet Spot – 3-Word Searches

tootsie pop owlSEO QUIZ:

Q: How many words does it take to get to the center of good search traffic?

A: Three (3)

According to a new study by online ad net­work Chitika, three…  as in, three-word search queries drive the most traffic from search engines. Read More → SEO Sweet Spot – 3-Word Searches