The End of the App

End of the AppBy Richard Otto

In the last two years almost every self-respecting mar­keting man­ager wanted an iPhone appli­ca­tion, despite the fact that less than 3 per­cent of the Dutch pop­u­la­tion owns an iPhone.

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10 Common Web Design Mistakes

Design Mistake - whiteoutSummary: The oldies con­tinue to be goodies — or rather, bad­dies — in the list of design stu­pidi­ties that irked users the most last year.  When you read this years top ten list, you’ll prob­ably say, “Yes, Ive heard about this before.”

That’s okay. There’s value in reminding our­selves of past find­ings and raising their pri­ority on the agenda of things to be fixed.  Because these mis­takes con­tinue to be so common, it makes sense that people con­tinue to com­plain about them the most.

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5 best-practice tips for mobile commerce

mobile webRetailers, Pay Attention: Those aren’t just toys in con­sumers’ hands.

By Sean Cook
August 12, 2010

Just last year mobile com­merce was esti­mated to be an $18.3 bil­lion busi­ness. ABI Research now projects mobile com­merce will grow into a $119 bil­lion global industry by 2015.

These sta­tis­tics demon­strate the strength and speed at which mobile com­merce has been adopted by the main­stream con­sumer as a shop­ping channel.  To take advan­tage of this new touch point, retailers must pro­vide con­sumers with an opti­mized mobile experience.

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Common WordPress SEO Mistakes and How To Fix Them

WordPress is an excel­lent tool for pub­lishing web­sites and blogs. This widely used CMS soft­ware does alot of great things like cre­ating posts, pages and tags with clean URLs, linking every­thing inter­nally and gen­er­ating valid code.

Oddly enough though, the majority of SEO respon­si­bility is placed within the hands of third-party WordPress theme devel­opers as well as your­self, the site owner.

Some theme designers may not be familiar with SEO best prac­tices, so you should take some time to examine your site for any ways to improve it’s effec­tive­ness on search ranking performance.

I’ve come up with sev­eral common WordPress SEO mis­takes that I see day in and day out. I hope you can use these tips to improve your blog or website!

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The Greatest Keyword Tool of All Time

Google is set to release an updated ver­sion of its Keyword Tool which will com­bine fea­tures of the Keyword Tool (pri­marily for AdWords users) with fea­tures of the Search-based Keyword Tool (which is based on actual Google search queries) to create one of the most com­pre­hen­sive and valu­able key­word research tool on the Web today.

It might just […]

3 Reasons NOT To Use Uppercase

Uppercase LettersSometimes it’s ok to use UPPERCASE.

Capital let­ters can some­times add a touch of class to the apper­ance of your page. However, they should be used very sparingly.

There are three big rea­sons why you should avoid them in most cases:

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Why mobile is indispensable to your marketing

mobile marketingBy Vanessa Horwell

Mobile mar­keting is no fad. Rather, I believe that mobile mar­keting will – and must – become a cen­tral part of every suc­cessful mar­keting and vis­i­bility strategy, and I think it is well on its way to becoming just that.

However, the inte­gra­tion of mobile mar­keting into existing mar­keting strate­gies on a large scale will not happen spontaneously. Instead, it will come about through a con­certed effort to edu­cate com­pa­nies and other orga­ni­za­tions about the ben­e­fits and unique qual­i­ties of mobile outreach.

This is not to say that the mobile mar­keting industry will somehow foist pre­ferred tac­tics on unsus­pecting busi­nesses. The inte­gra­tion of mobile mar­keting will occur – and is occur­ring – nat­u­rally, organically.

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Why mobility is key to creating loyal consumers

mobility is the keyBy Neil Hickey

Loyalty cards, club mem­ber­ships, rewards vouchers, dis­count coupons – for decades, retailers and com­pa­nies in a variety of indus­tries have relied on loy­alty ini­tia­tives, vouchering pro­grams and couponing strate­gies to attract and retain customers.

However, research indi­cates that most of these pro­grams and ini­tia­tives have proved to be little more than names in a database.

A 2009 study from mar­keting research firm Colloquy showed:

  • A 25 per­cent increase between 2006 and 2008 in loy­alty pro­gram mem­ber­ships within the United States alone.
  • Fewer than 44 per­cent of loy­alty pro­gram mem­ber­ships showed any activity last year.

What is the key to reversing this expen­sive trend of stag­na­tion? Mobility.

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How To Create a Mobile Website

The mobile space is awash in appli­ca­tions, or “apps,” as they are com­monly called. On the heels of Apple’s suc­cess with the App Store, unveiled in July 2008, other device man­u­fac­turers and oper­ating system providers, including BlackBerry and the Android plat­form cham­pi­oned by Google, opened their own vir­tual store­fronts. Still others are readying for launch later this year, all hoping to take a bite out of Apple.

mobile website design

As a result, con­sumers feel embold­ened to do more with their mobile devices. Accordingly, eMar­keter projects that mobile Internet access, through either tra­di­tional browsers or installed appli­ca­tions, will see sig­nif­i­cant gains over the next five years, reaching 134.3 mil­lion mobile Internet users in 2013.

While most of us working in tech­nology com­pa­nies are aware of the mobile Internet tsunami, many busi­nesses have yet to embrace the tech­nology by pub­lishing a mobile ver­sion of their own web­site. Keeping your cus­tomers’ user expe­ri­ence in mind, I believe we’ve reached a crit­ical point where busi­nesses must have at least a brochure style mobile site to explain to mobile vis­i­tors who you and how you can serve them.

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Google Font Previewer in Action

Several months ago Google announced its Font Directory, a repos­i­tory for open-source fonts avail­able from the Google Fonts API.

A new fea­ture has been added which enables designers and devel­opers to pre­view and test any font in the direc­tory, then edit the font size or spacing, add dec­o­ra­tions or even a shadow effect.

Perhaps the best part of the new feature […]