QR Code: The First Essential Tool for Mobile Marketing

QR Code-iPhoneQR Codes aren’t new. But the ways people are using them are about to change the way everyone does business.

If you’re not already working on your mobile mar­keting plans, you’re falling behind and should catch up now. If you’re already involved in a mobile web mar­keting strategy, you need to incor­po­rate the QR Code tech­nology as one essen­tial tool in your arsenal.

People in Japan, Korea, Germany, Belgium, France, England and Canada are prob­ably already well aware of what the QR Code tech­nology is and what it can do. If you’re not familiar with this amazing little inven­tion, here are some resources for you:

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Facebook is the New Google

Facebook is the new GoogleMuch of the dis­cus­sion throughout the Web industry this week has revolved around Thursday’s announce­ment of Google Instant, the rev­o­lu­tionary new fea­ture that has many busi­ness owners won­dering about the future of search engine mar­keting in par­tic­ular and Internet adver­tising as a whole. There was some other news, how­ever, that Google may have hoped you missed, as it shifts the mar­keting con­ver­sa­tion from search to social – specif­i­cally, away from Google and directly on to Facebook.

New data from com­Score has revealed that time spent on Facebook in the U.S. during the month of August sur­passed the time spent on Google sites for the first time in his­tory. That includes all of Google’s prop­er­ties – as in YouTube, Gmail, Google Buzz, the whole lot of them. This adds to the momentum sparked by a sim­ilar report from Hitwise back in March, when Facebook became the most vis­ited site in the U.S. for the first time in its short but mete­oric history.

facebook logo

Of course these are sig­nif­i­cant mile­stones for any com­pany, but what do they mean for the future of the industry? Will looking for con­tent on search engines be over­taken by the sharing of con­tent on social networks?

Or, according to the sta­tis­tics, has that hap­pened already?

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