But it only took you 5 minutes!

Pablo PicassoThe per­ceived value of cre­ating prop­erly designed web­sites has con­tinued to plummet to near ZERO these days. Yet the amount of knowl­edge, expe­ri­ence and talent needed to do it prop­erly is steadily increasing.  And if an issue ever arises — regard­less of the cause — some clients expect an instant res­o­lu­tion (at the designer’s expense) even years after any agree­ment has expired.

Prospective clients often try to create their own sites, finding it to be harder than they thought… but when a prop­erly con­ceived pro­gram is quoted for a rea­son­able amount, based on the designer’s expe­ri­ence in what it will take to do the job, the clients often recoil and ques­tion the pricing.  This is very much within their rights to do, nat­u­rally, and I never take offense at such responses.  But quite often those clients wind up spending a bit less with a cheaper alter­na­tive, only to come back to me down the road asking if I can fix the mess their low-cost designer left them (some­times after spending as much as I orig­i­nally quoted them!)

This sit­u­a­tion is common to other designers I’ve met over the years, so it isn’t just me.  I sus­pect it is typ­ical in a down-economy where everyone is trying to pinch every penny they have.  But it reminds me of a story I once heard about the renowned artist, Pablo Picasso who was rec­og­nized as he sketched from a public park bench…

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