Logo & Graphic Design

Pete Griffith Website Design Logo(Above: My own web­site design logo in “Tiki Retro” style)

Here are some of the graphic designs and logos I’ve cre­ated over the years, in no par­tic­ular order…

1. Logo for NitroFill Texas, a nitrogen tire infla­tion equip­ment distributor:

NitroFill Texas Logo

2. Logo for Prosperity Place “Where all things are pos­sible!” – a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion in Prosper, Texas.

Their orig­inal logo (below, left) needed to be replaced during the cre­ation of the new website, here are two of the early exe­cu­tions, along with the final ver­sion and some other graphics used in their site and events:

Prosperity Place - Old Logo Prosperity Place - Final Logo Execution

Prosperity Place Fun Run Event Logo

Prosperity Place Golf Tournament Logo Early Logo Concept 1

YRCL- Original Logo

Original Logo

3. Logo for Year-Round Christmas Lights — a small busi­ness run by off-duty firemen in the north Dallas area –

Here is their orig­inal logo (at right), plus sev­eral con­cepts and the final retro-style ver­sion they decided to use:

Year Round Christmas Lights - concept 1 Year Round Christmas Lights - concept 3 Year Round Christmas Lights - concept 2 Year Round Christmas Lights - concept 4

The last one is their final logo execution.

4. Logo for new ven­ture, AccuSeek (a web­site mar­keting com­pany in Florida) -

Here are 3 con­cepts and the final ver­sion (the logo colors did change later but the design remained essen­tially the same):

AccuSeek Logo Concept 1 AccuSeek Logo Concept 2

AccuSeek Logo Concept 3 AccuSeek Logo Concept 4

5. New Logo for Première Referral Group, a busi­ness referral orga­ni­za­tion in the north Dallas area –

The orig­inal logo was a bit of cli­part with the name in a simple font (below, left) but the new logo needed to be more dra­matic, eye-catching and convey the basic image the group wanted to set for itself:

Original Logo:
Premiere Referral Group - old logo

New Logo: Premiere Referral Group New Logo

6. Logo for Metro Linen Service’s new Special Events division –

Their indus­trial and hos­pi­tality divi­sions use their estab­lished, existing logo (below, left) but it wasn’t quite suited for the consumer-based Special Events divi­sion that they recently launched, so a new logo needed to be cre­ated with a more ele­gant (script) font.  Here are a couple of con­cepts pre­sented during the web­site redesign proposal:

Metro Linen Logo - concept 3

Metro Linen Logo - concept 5

7. Logo and uni­form design for the Dallas Sabres Hockey Team (a minor league ice hockey team in the now-defunct Gulf Coast Hockey League, or GCHL) –

This logo quickly became the hottest-selling and most requested of all GCHL mer­chan­dise, even at some of the other team’s loca­tions!  Can you guess who the goalie is pic­tured below?  ( c : =

More to be posted later…  For infor­ma­tion about logo design or other graphic art ser­vices, e-mail Pete directly at: info@​petegriffith.​com