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Here are a few exam­ples of web­sites I’ve designed over the years:

Sweet Repeats McKinney LogoSweet Repeats McKinney

A semi-annual con­sign­ment sale of quality children’s items in McKinney ben­e­fiting a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, MOPS.

The site was redesigned for a cleaner look and layout, but more impor­tantly for easy updating, editing and upgrading by the var­ious vol­un­teers respon­sible for par­tic­ular parts of the web­site operation.

For this appli­ca­tion, WordPress was the obvious choice as the plat­form, with a cus­tomized frame­work set up for the proper look they needed and ease of editing for non-employee inter­ac­tion, along with the secu­rity, back-up and oper­a­tional flex­i­bility required for this very large oper­a­tion.  The site was totally con­ceived, built, tested and launched, with a full instruc­tion manual in less than 30 days from our final agree­ment date!

If you have kids, or kids clothing, toys, fur­ni­ture and other items that you’d like to sell, you should check out this big event held twice a year in McKinney, Texas!

NitroFill Texas HomepageNitroFill Texas

A nitrogen tire infla­tion equip­ment dis­trib­utor company

The site includes sev­eral flash video com­po­nents, a clean and easy-to-navigate layout, and is very well opti­mized for SEO per­for­mance, though all updating and active mea­sures are no longer underway at this time.  I launched this busi­ness myself in 2009 but returned my focus to web devel­op­ment and design after it proved to be a tough sell in the Texas area.  The busi­ness is cur­rently avail­able for sale and could be a great oppor­tu­nity for the right person.

By the way, I highly rec­om­mend that all my friends take advan­tage of nitrogen instead of com­pressed air in their vehicle tires! See the site for infor­ma­tion on why it is the only way to go.

Prosperity Place - Where all things are possible!Prosperity Place

Where all things are possible!

A non-profit orga­ni­za­tion in Prosper, Texas helping fam­i­lies with spe­cial needs chil­dren to find and pay for the therapy they need to reach their full poten­tial. This is a very worth­while cause and they do a lot of good work in the Collin County area and beyond.

This entire site was redone from scratch, and most of the graphics were custom designed for the site, including the organization’s new logo.  The pre­vious site is still up for a before and after comparison.

Carmen Rives Art Gallery - HomepageCarmen Rives Art Gallery

A Puerto Rican artist with amazing talent in Frisco, Texas

Carmen’s paint­ings have been dis­played in exclu­sive exhibits and fine col­lec­tions all over the world.  Working with the world-renowned Lap Ngo as her mentor, she con­tinues to pro­duce stun­ning oil and acrylic paint­ings — many on hand-made can­vases she’s cre­ated for each indi­vidual piece of art.  Many of the paint­ings shown on this gallery are still avail­able for sale.  My favorite now hangs in our living room!

This gallery is a 100% flash-only site, which is cer­tainly not appro­priate for all com­mer­cial web­sites, but it works well with Carmen’s art­work and the obvious exe­cu­tion needed to dis­play her work without making it prone to copy­right infringing use of her art.  Music (Bolero) may be turned on or off with a click.  All of the site’s graph­ical ele­ments were used strate­gi­cally to give a uni­fied look and feel to the site that com­ple­ments Carmen’s own artwork.

LiveWire Energy Chews - Dallas Distributor SiteLiveWire Energy Chews

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Distributor’s regional site

LiveWire Energy Chews are sort of a cross between Red Bull or “5-Hour Energy” shots and Starburst can­dies.  All of the pick-me-up of the leading nat­ural boost prod­ucts, but without the messy spills of a liquid.

When this site was cre­ated in 2008, the manufacturer’s own site was so poorly con­structed that it was embar­rassing to the dis­trib­u­tors, so most of them had their own cre­ated rather than send people to the national site.  The U.S. site is now much more attrac­tive and doesn’t cause intense eye pain or nausea as it did at that time, but they actu­ally wanted to use our Dallas/Ft. Worth site as the basic design tem­plate for the redesign. It has since under­gone many tran­si­tions, but some of our ele­ments remain today.

Tour Texas HomepageTour Texas

A travel infor­ma­tion portal for des­ti­na­tions and attrac­tions in Texas.

I cre­ated, designed and launched this travel infor­ma­tion web­site back in 1995 when most orga­ni­za­tions didn’t even have their own web­sites (yet).  We formed a part­ner­ship with the Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA) and gave Texas des­ti­na­tions, attrac­tions and local events an easy entry into the world of online mar­keting, at amaz­ingly low costs.  It lev­eled the playing field for the smaller towns and gave trav­elers access to the info they needed.  Most of our mar­keting efforts went towards what is now known as “Search Engine Optimization” (though that term wasn’t coined yet) and it is now a major portal for the industry in the Lone Star State.  We spun off the ven­ture in 2002 but it is still up and run­ning strong.

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