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A beau­tiful web­site is worth­less if nobody ever sees it.  Even in the ear­liest days of Internet mar­keting, I noticed that your search engine rank­ings were going to make or break any online ven­ture that depends on get­ting traffic to come view the site.

There are many ways to accom­plish this, including:

  • Offline mar­keting (Broadcast, print & out­door adver­tising, PR, brochures, etc.)
  • Paid dis­play adver­tising (pur­chasing ban­ners on spe­cific sites or networks)
  • Back-link building
  • Black-hat cheating tech­niques (these ‘tricks’ may work at first, but usu­ally hurt you in the end)
  • Paid search results (usu­ally in the form of Pay-Per-Click)
  • Passive, organic SEO efforts (on– and off-page tech­niques to opti­mize rankings)
  • Pro-active SEO cam­paigns (social media, viral video, blogs, etc.)

I work with Nextshore, LLC to accom­plish the best pos­sible results for my clients.  Nextshore pro­vides the struc­tured, high-impact pro­grams that require much more than any one person could pro­vide, and they are able to do it for pen­nies on the dollar.

From exe­cuting my web design ideas in prop­erly coded and tested form, to writing com­pli­cated scripts, flash rou­tines, and other tech­nical tasks, vir­tu­ally all of my design work is pow­ered by Nextshore in some way.

I was so intrigued with this com­pany when I dis­cov­ered them a couple years ago, that I’ve joined them as their Western U.S. Sales Director.  If you have any IT projects that require out­sourcing a large amount of tech­nical man-hours, let me show you how Nextshore can work for you.

Visit the Nextshore web­site.

Website Promotion Logo - SmallWebsite Promotion, LLC

This new ven­ture is a branded part­ner­ship (pow­ered by Nextshore) launched in May 2010.  Website Promotion, LLC will be the most high-powered and effec­tive tool for building a company’s overall Web Presence.

Web Presence is more than having a site.  It involves much more than just SEO and other tra­di­tional methods of web­site pro­mo­tion.  It is essen­tially your orga­ni­za­tions entire online foot­print, with impli­ca­tions that go far beyond the number of vis­i­tors to your site.

I will post more info about Website Promotion here soon.

MobileKlik, LLC

The number of mobile phones will exceed 5 Billion in 2010 according to the ITU; out num­bering per­sonal com­puters 5 to 1.

Facebook has over 500 Million users, over half the daily activity is via the mobile web.  Twitter recently exceeded 20 Billion text mes­sages The world is not going mobile–it is mobile.

Very soon every human being on the planet will be con­nected 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Every orga­ni­za­tion, public or pri­vate, large or small needs a mobile strategy. Let mobileKlik show you how you can profit from the most dra­matic change in mankind’s’ history.

Our solu­tions mobile enable your cur­rent mar­keting activities–we don’t replace them, we improve them:

- Lower cost of cus­tomer acqui­si­tion by as much as 66%

- Increased con­ver­sion rate by as much as 100%

- Enable on-the-go real time sharing amongst cus­tomer group — “Viral Marketing”

- Live reporting on mar­keting cam­paigns allows max­imum ROI on ad expenditures

QR Code for URL of Pete's Blog PagePete’s Advice:

“If you don’t already know about QR Code links for use in mobile mar­keting, you better learn soon because your com­peti­tors prob­ably do!  There’s a big wave coming, and you need to pre­pare your mar­keting mate­rials and your strategies! ”

See my blog entry on QR Codes for more infor­ma­tion around the middle of September!

wantfans LogoWantFans​.com

Facebook is now one of the most pow­erful mar­keting tools online. Significantly increasing your fans (known as ‘Likes’) on Facebook will create a great base for you to market to. We supply you with 100% guar­an­teed fans (likes) to your page or pro­file, not just invites. We offer both tar­geted and non-targeted fans, you can select by loca­tion (Europe & USA) to ensure your fans are a suited to your page.

facebook logoYou don’t have a Facebook “Fan Page” yet?  Your brand can’t pos­sibly take advan­tage of social media’s amazing power if you haven’t done the most basic step, so let us create a fan page for you… it’s quick, easy and very inexpensive!

How do you do it?

We have access to mil­lions of users on Facebook, and invite mass tar­geted or untar­geted quan­ti­ties of users to your page in order to pro­vide you with your required fans. Users who join your page have already shown an interest in your com­pany, product, band or project, leaving you with a head start over your competition.

Why choose this over PPC or other advertising?

Once you have gained the fans on Facebook, you can adver­tise to them over and over again. Facebook news feeds and mass mes­saging allows you to link directly to web­sites, photos, videos and any other media. 50% of Facebook users log in daily, giving you a huge adver­tising base to pursue. This cre­ates a cheaper and more effec­tive form of adver­tising over PPC, and is less intru­sive than e-mail campaigns.

So how can your busi­ness ben­efit from this?

Facebook allows busi­nesses and other organ­i­sa­tions to pro­mote their ser­vices with a “Fan Site” for FREE! OK so you may already have a fan site but how can you get people inter­ested in your ser­vices without spending mas­sive amounts of mar­keting dol­lars? People vote with their feet so by pro­moting your ser­vices to a large number of fans you can gen­erate con­ver­sions on your sales for a frac­tion of the price you might pay with some PPC or affil­iate programs.

Will I get imme­diate fans from any package?

Yes, you will see your fans grow almost imme­di­ately after we begin the cam­paign. These num­bers will grad­u­ally grow over the time listed for the amount of fans you have ordered. Every day you will have new fans and or friends. Even after you have reached the amount of fans you have order, you will prob­ably find your fan­base con­stantly growing.